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Car owners spend a lot of money on car insurance so they can be compensated in the case of an injury or the unfortunate event that results in an accident. Car Insurance covers major liability costs, however, this is based on the coverage plan. Investing in car insurance is a smart idea however in certain scenarios filing for a claim can get tricky. They also try to save every penny they can after you have been paying them your premiums for years. This is where an experienced car accident attorney at Schehr Law PLLC can help. 

One of the best ways to claim damages caused due to a car accident is to hire a car accident attorney. Many accident victims are skeptical about hiring a car accident attorney because of the fees involved. Here is a look at some of the benefits these car accident attorneys can bring to the table. 

The most common types of accidents that happen every day on the roads are car accidents. Nowadays nearly everyone has an automobile at home which means there are many cars on the road every day, at all times. A huge number of people are killed and injured in a car accident every year. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, vehicle fatalities are up 3 1/2 percent over North Carolina’s five year average.

Although Covid-19 has kept more people off of the roadways, fatalities are actually up. If you were the pedestrian, passenger or driver involved in the car accident, you might be entitled to get compensation for injury, suffering, or pain that was caused due to a car accident not involving your fault. 

Detailed Knowledge And Understanding Of Law

For a layperson, it would be very difficult to describe the nature of the accident and how the claim amount can be increased. Car accident attorneys have a lot of experience in this area and manage to file for a higher claim because they take into consideration every little detail that may be ignored by the victim.

One of the worst things when filing a claim is to wait for a long time before receiving the amount. This is because the victim would have recovered by this time and the car would have also been repaired. Since the situation changes, the insurance company would not pay attention to the claim and may even reduce the amount on the basis that the injuries are healed and the vehicle has already been repaired.

Victims of a car accident often spend a lot of time in the hospital and don’t have a lot of time to file for a claim or follow up with the insurance company. Involving a car accident attorney at this stage is the smartest thing to do because they gather evidence, collate medical bills, and other expenses such as car repairs. They then file it all together and submit it to the insurance company with strong supporting evidence. Their experience comes in handy when they twist the arm of the insurance company in getting the claim out faster.

Matters we can Help You With

Car Accident Attorney Representation In Court

Stepping into a courtroom and fighting for a claim against an insurance company can be a daunting task. Insurance companies usually have their set of lawyers present and they tend to drill the victim in an attempt to reduce the claim amount. These lawyers also play with the victim by offering a settlement in the form of paying for medical expenses. Car insurance, on the other hand, pays for everything right from medical expenses to loss of income and this is something the victim would not be aware of.

A car accident attorney representing the victim helps make calculated decisions and tries to increase the compensation as much as possible. They also know how to tackle the opposition lawyers smartly by using the victim’s injuries to their advantage.


The victim may not know this but at the time of purchasing car insurance, there would be various limitation periods set in the claim. Insurance companies often tend to pressurize new insurance policyholders with these limitation periods and try to hold the claim back as long as possible. In certain situations, they also put forward a time limit within which the victim should file for the claim failing which no money is released. Car accident attorneys are well versed with both these scenarios and they know what needs to be done to get the claim released.


Insurance companies are known to play around and demand multiple documents from the victim to prove the injury. This involves lengthy bills and other unnecessary paperwork so that they could buy time. When the victim has an attorney by their side they know which documents are needed by the court of law and which are unnecessary time-wasting tactics. Attorneys are usually smart enough to prepare all documents and keep the claim file ready before the insurance company even asks for it. This forces the insurance company to authorize the claim quicker than anticipated. This attorney knows how to work with the law to benefit the victim rather than putting the victim down.

Medical Examinations

In certain scenarios, a medical report needs to be filed before filing a claim. These reports can sometimes take time to generate however when an attorney is involved, the authorities ensure the report is generated quicker. The attorney also fights for the best possible treatment for the victim and includes this in the claim amount so the victim does not have to pay anything from their pocket. They also ensure that the victim gets timely treatment in a good recovery facility and all of this would be paid for by the insurance company.

More Confidence…Less Stress

An accident can be daunting for the victim. It could involve loss of life, major limb injuries, or in some cases permanent loss of income. This is stressful enough but having to deal with an insurance company independently adds to the stress. An attorney, on the other hand, becomes the victim’s support system. Not only do they help file for a bigger claim but they also push for the money to get released faster. They also look for fair compensation for loss of wages so that the victim can recover without worrying about how the bills will be paid. This gives the victim much needed time to recover and get better again.

Unlike what most people believe, car accident attorneys are affordable and they work more than what their fees include such as filing for the claim. There will also be times when the attorney would represent the victim in court while the victim is getting treated. This ensures that the claim is not squashed and the insurance company does not try to manipulate the court. If you or your loved one have recently been involved in a car accident, you shouldn’t waste any more time in getting a car accident attorney to represent the case.

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 At Schehr Law PLLC we specialize in car accidents. Our car accident attorneys are seasoned in pursuing claims against insurance companies and filing lawsuits in court. Click here to read more about hiring a personal injury attorney. 

If you were involved in a car accident, there are many concerns that you may have. If the accident took place because of your fault or without your fault, you will be spending time talking to mechanics, doctors, and insurance adjusters. 

The lawyers at Schehr Law will investigate your case thoroughly so that they can determine the fault as well as assess liability. They have a great understanding auto accident law. 

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