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A truck accident can result in a major catastrophe, and the victim goes through a lot. Considering the size of the vehicle in question, it can cause major damages to people and property, including loss of life. If you have been in an accident that involved a truck then receiving a substantial claim is required not only so the truck can be repaired but also your medical expenses can be accounted. 

While some truck drivers believe they can get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to represent them legally, it is smarter to hire a truck accident lawyer because they are aware of the legalities involving truck accidents. If the truck was involved in an accident with another vehicle or there was a co-passenger at the time of the accident, this could create complications and that is where a truck accident lawyer can be beneficial.

Truck accidents are different from normal vehicle accidents and the legalities are quite different as well. A normal attorney may not be able to do justice while filing for a claim or assisting with legal matters. An expert attorney is required in this situation. A truck accident often involves a collision of more than two vehicles and this also means there will be more than one legal representative from each party, including the insurance company. This makes it a complicated case and truck accident attorneys are experts in handling these situations. In case you are wondering whether or not you should hire a truck accident attorney then here are a few benefits you should know about.

Trucks are huge vehicles that come in various shapes, weights and sizes. When there is a truck accident the severity increases because of the larger size of the truck. Almost every 16 minutes, there is a serious truck accident in which someone is killed or injured, in the United States. 

A truck that is fully loaded is 16 times the weight of a car that makes the crash very dangerous for the owner of the car. More distance is required for the tricks to come to the stop. All the factors as well as struck deadlines that the drivers have to follow, make sharing any road dangerous with others. As the accidents are of higher intensity so you will have to get the best lawyers who are experienced and knowledgeable in this specific area. 

They Handle Insurance Companies Effectively

If you have ever been involved in an accident, you know how difficult it is to deal with insurance companies. They love beating around the bush and try to delay the claim as much as possible. They also look for various loopholes to reduce the claim amount and often push the victim towards the edge.

When involved in an accident, many things go through the victim’s mind. They will have to deal with medical expenses, injuries, and damages all at once. Insurance companies make it worse by delaying the release of the claim amount and asking irrelevant questions. When there is a truck accident attorney to represent the victim, they know the legal bindings of an insurance company and what they need to process the claim. They waste no time in preparing all relevant paperwork, evidence, expenses, and bills and submit them to the insurance company.

Truck accident attorneys are tactful in their approach and work towards getting the highest possible compensation by including as many charges as possible. While a victim will not consider the loss of income while filing for compensation, the attorney on the other hand will consider it and include it in the compensation amount. Insurance companies also have their set of attorneys and if the victim has to go up against them, it will be almost impossible to get a good claim. With an experienced truck accident attorney by your side, it is a different ball game.

Matters we can Help You With

Expert Legal Guidance

One of the most important factors in determining a good compensation is expert guidance. No insurance company releases compensation without conducting an inquiry. As a layperson, the company will create scenarios to put you in a compromising position and reduce the compensation amount. A truck accident attorney works towards avoiding these circumstances altogether. They come prepared and get the complete list of relevant evidence and information to submit to the insurance companies to avoid any complications.

The lawyers from the insurance company will have many questions and will try to pin the blame on the victim. The truck accident attorney will stand by the victim and give them guidance concerning how to handle the situation in the right way. They prove that the accident was not the fault of the victim by pointing out how they have to face major damages and how it has affected their financial standing.

Understanding Your Rights

There are many legal rights you have when it comes to claiming insurance. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know all the rights and this is where insurance companies try to take advantage of the situation. They try covering up the legalities in your favor and push forward legalities not in your favor to reduce the claim.

A truck accident attorney, on the other hand, knows the law at the back of their hand and the companies cannot take them for a ride. You may be compelled to fight with the insurance company independently. Not only will this take a longer time, but you will have to spend money out of your pocket to get your truck repaired, pay all medical expenses and forfeit your daily wages when you have to visit the courtroom.


When you have a truck accident attorney, they represent you in the court of law. This means you can focus on getting your life together after the accident without having to stress about the claim money coming through. This is because the truck accident attorney will handle everything.

Support At The Right Time

Truck accident attorneys provide much-needed support during your time of need. Many times victims refrain from getting quality medical care because they are skeptical about whether or not the insurance claim will come through. With the right truck accident attorney, you feel more confident and this enables you to get timely treatment so you can get better and focus on putting your life together.

Apart from medical expenses, truck accident attorneys also help you get compensated for the loss of work so you don’t have to worry about other expenses including payment of the attorney’s fees. A good truck accident attorney gives you the much-needed support at the right time so you can claim what is rightfully yours. They take away the stress involved with dealing with big insurance companies that are out to fleece you. They also explain the law so you know how to benefit from it in the best possible way.

Schehr Law truck accident practice includes lawyers having an exceptional experience of legal actions and representing the people who have been involved in the truck accidents as well as their families. No matter the nature of the truck accident, our lawyers have been successful in litigation related to an accident involving trucks. If you or your loved ones have been involved in an accident of this sort, contact us now. 

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