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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Charlotte, NC

Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun and it is one of the faster modes of transportation. However, riding a motorcycle has its potential risks. When a rider meets with an accident, the rider and the passenger could get fatally injured.

When two cars collide, it is called a fender bender and individuals can escape with little or no injuries. However, this is rare in the case of a motorcycle accident. People on the bike usually end up in the hospital after an accident. If they are lucky they will get away with a facture or laceration but in certain scenarios, it could be serious.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, receiving compensation often depends on the culprit and the insurance company. Most importantly it also depends on the motorcycle accident attorney. If you or anyone you know were involved in a motorcycle accident then you should consider hiring a motorcycle accident attorney to represent you.

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common types of accidents. You may choose to ride a motorcycle because of the fun that comes with it or because it is cost-saving and you can explore the city as your ride. There is one thing that makes motorcycles less fun and it is the danger. People on the motorbikes are exposed to dangers by other motorcycle riders and automobiles. Riding a motorcycle requires skill and amazing coordination and balance, especially if there is a crash. Your entire body is exposed when you ride a motorcycle so mostly motorcycle accidents are major accidents. 

When the accident takes place, it results in serious injury to the motorcycle’s rider. The majority of motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle are caused by the driver of another vehicle involved. On average, there are 26 times more chances of a motorcyclist drying in a crash as compared to passengers in the car and they are 5 times more likely to get injured. 

What To Look For When Hiring A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Attorneys need to go through multiple processes before they can practice law legally in any state. Once they are authorized to practice law, they can defend victims in the court of law by charging the culprit and making them compensate for the injuries caused. There are various attorneys that you can hire for these cases but the smartest thing would be to look for an attorney who has experience with motorcycle accidents.

There are various legalities and technical terms only a motorcycle accident lawyer understands. Having them by your side can play a huge role in determining your compensation amount. If you are wondering what you should look for in a motorcycle accident lawyer, then here are three factors to consider.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Charlotte, NC

When you need to get legal assistance right away to increase your compensation amount after an accident, find a motorcycle accident lawyer Charlotte, NC residents rely on. Getting the right legal advice from a trusted law firm like one at Schehr Law, PLLC is important if you want to achieve a fair settlement. If you want to know what kind of legal services can benefit you, do not wait too long to find out. Reach out to a lawyer and schedule a consultation before it’s too late to submit a claim. 

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

If you have recently been in an accident, a motorcycle accident lawyer like one at a respected law firm like Schehr Law will be there to guide you through your case. Attorney Christopher Schehr will give your case the attention it deserves so that you can obtain a fair outcome and nothing less. With their years of case experience, they know how to provide the proper legal representation for you so that you are more likely to get an excellent settlement amount. 

If you do not have a lot of legal knowledge, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC can put you in a better position to win your case. They will be there at your side for important legal advice so that you are taking the right steps throughout your case. In case you run into an issue, they will be there to determine the legal strategies. 

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer 

Without a lawyer, the legal system will expect you to handle your case on your aim. By deciding not to hire a lawyer, you are establishing that you are capable enough to prepare your case yourself. They will help determine what damages you can recover, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, missed wages and much more. Handling an accident claim without a lawyer also comes with the risk that you might come out with a settlement that is lower than what you are entitled to.

Recovering Compensation If You Have Partial Fault

Do not think that just because you are at fault in an accident, you are automatically barred from receiving compensation. You could still recover some monetary compensation if you are found to be partially at-fault. In these cases, it is even more important to seek the help of a lawyer so that they can counsel you on what to do or say to protect your rights, as well as maximize your compensation amount.  

Legal Assistance is Available

You might be wondering if it is even worth hiring a lawyer. Your situation may call for a lawyer if you have a legal matter that is particularly challenging, complex and involves high stakes. Act quickly before it is too late to seek legal help if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident. For more information about how a lawyer can assist you with your legal case, schedule a consultation with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC so that you can discuss your case and get the guidance you need. 

Tips To Hire A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is that they belong to your city. Apart from the fact that they are more accessible, it is easier for them to represent you in a court of law since it will not be far for them. You won’t have to travel far to meet them and discuss the case either.

The biggest perk of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer from your city is that they know the judges at the court. If they have a good reputation in court, it makes it easier for the judge to rule in your favor.

General Practitioners

Most lawyers open up general practices so they can take on more cases. While these lawyers are easier to come by, they are not half as food as a motorcycle accident lawyer. This is because a motorcycle accident lawyer has specialized in that field and they know all aspects of the law related to motorcycle accidents.

Reputation And Experience

An attorney’s reputation should precede them. If they are experienced and have a good reputation, the chances of you receiving high compensation increases. Experience counts because when they have done it multiple times in a row there are fewer chances of making mistakes. This means you will end up with someone confident about procuring good compensation.

Tips To Hire A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer there are a few things you should always consider.

1: Don’t settle for the first lawyer you find. The more you ask around, the more clarification you will receive. Take your time and decide before hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer.

2: Judge them by the questions they ask you during the time of the interview. Almost all motorcycle accident lawyers offer a free consultation. A thorough attorney will ask you for:

  • A complete police report of the accident
  • Photographic evidence of the accident scene
  • Pictures of your injuries and damaged vehicle


  • Medical reports that explain your injuries and bills to prove how much you’ve spent
  • Salary slip or records of your wages so you can claim for loss of work depending on the number of days you missed.

3: You should also ask the motorcycle accident lawyer how much they will charge and discuss when payments are due. Most motorcycle accident lawyers have a contingency fee, which means they will get paid if and when the verdict or the settlement rules in your favor. It is smart to opt for lawyers who agree with this fee structure as they will be more driven towards you winning this case because they will get paid only at that time. Remember to always keep the contingency fee agreement with you.

There are various fines prints which include witness fees and court fees that the attorney will try to include in their fees. Make sure that it is part of the settlement and you shouldn’t bear them.

4: It is important to cover every tiny detail of the accident with the motorcycle accident lawyer. Don’t rush things, take your time, and sit with them for hours. This is so you can cover up all details. If you think one session is not enough, sit multiple times to ensure nothing is missed. Don’t hire a motorcycle accident lawyer who doesn’t want to sit and discuss with you. Hire one that has time and patience. After all, no one knows more about the accident than you, and the more information you give to the attorney, the stronger your case gets.

There are various benefits to hiring the right attorney. One of the biggest advantages is they give you moral support and ensure you are not alone while fighting against the insurance company or the culprit who caused your accident.

While you may not be aware of legal proceedings, your motorcycle accident lawyer knows everything in detail. They also know how to twist and turn the arm of the person in question to help you get the highest possible compensation.

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer at the right time helps you focus on getting better and not compromising on medical care for fear of paying a huge bill. The lawyer not only removes the stress of medical expenses but also daily expenses by trying to get compensation at the earliest.

If you or anyone you know has been injured due to a motorcycle accident, then you should meet the lawyer immediately to discuss the case and protect the legal rights. Contact Schehr Law so you do not miss out on the deadline to file the claim. 

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