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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Charlotte, NC

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Charlotte, NC

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Charlotte, NC- lawyer and client in meetingIf you are in search of a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer in the Charlotte, NC area to help you with your claim, don’t wait to take action. There is not much time to get help for a claim and the process can take many months to complete. You have to take action early on as soon as possible so that a lawyer can have the time they need to adequately do the tasks for your claim and prepare a case. When you have a lawyer to provide you with legal and emotional support, you can feel more confident about your case. You can get peace of mind knowing that you have support throughout the entire process. For more information, give Schehr Law a call and set up an appointment now so that we can evaluate your case.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Charlotte, NC 

Quality legal services that you can depend on can be hard to find. When you are not sure what to do, the process can get overwhelming very quickly. Thankfully, there is legal help from Schehr Law, PLLC that you can rely on. With their years of litigation experience, they have been able to secure compensation that numerous clients deserve, allowing them to move forward in their lives. Recovering from a pedestrian accident or other type of personal injury accident can be hard, so having proper legal support can help you go through your experience much more efficiently. For more information, schedule an appointment with a lawyer now.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

When a driver is not paying attention on the road, they can injure innocent pedestrians. In most cases, pedestrians have the right of way whenever they are at intersections or crosswalks. Drivers must always yield to pedestrians. Even if a pedestrian is jaywalking, drivers must slow down and allow them to cross. Some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents that a lawyer often sees include:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians
  • Failing to look in all directions
  • Not obeying traffic signals and signs 
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving while impaired

How a Lawyer Can Assist You

Hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer who helps Charlotte, North Carolina residents can boost your chances of getting the settlement you deserve. Without a lawyer, you will be left to your own devices. A lawyer at your side ensures you have legal support throughout the entire case. They can help you calculate your damages and make the necessary negotiations to secure a fair settlement. 

Legal Assistance is Available

There is legal assistance available if you act right away. A qualified and experienced pedestrian accident lawyer is there to help you obtain financial compensation. They know what it takes to obtain the best possible outcomes for a case and they will work tirelessly to protect your rights. They are fierce advocates for victims and want to help you obtain positive results. Learn more about the legal services that a pedestrian accident lawyer Charlotte, NC residents rely on can offer by giving us a call and scheduling consultation so that we can evaluate your case. 

Pedestrian Accidents – What Every Victim Should Know

A Charlotte, NC pedestrian accident lawyer understands that walking is great for the body and environment, but it can also be extremely dangerous. In fact, thousands of pedestrians are injured or killed in accidents each year. Even worse is that these accidents are often caused by negligent, drunken, or reckless drivers. What can victims do to protect themselves, what sort of compensation might they be entitled to, and where can they find assistance?

How common are pedestrian accidents?

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration estimates that every eight minutes, one pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident. On average, that amounts to about 70,000 injuries each year. Even more concerning is the number of pedestrian deaths – about one every two hours, or nearly 5,000 per year. That means pedestrian deaths account for almost 15 percent of all road fatalities every year. Statistics like this are not just concerning, they are outright devastating – not just to victims, but also to their loved ones.

What kind of impact can a pedestrian accident have on a victim?

While the exact impact of a pedestrian accident will vary from one case to the next, a Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer knows there are some common consequences that victims and their families may experience. For example, those that suffer from an injury may have costly medical bills and they may miss time at work. In some instances, victims are injured so severely that they experience short-term, long-term, or even permanent disability.

What if the victim dies from their injuries?

When a victim is killed, their families lose the companionship of a loved one. The family may also lose the income of a provider, which can place them at risk for accident-induced poverty. There may also be final expenses that the victim’s family must cover. Examples might include medical bills, burial costs, and other final expenses. Families in these situations should consider filing a wrongful death claim.

How can pedestrians stay safe?

Although it might be impossible to completely eliminate the risk of an accident, pedestrians can protect themselves and reduce the risk while they are out and about. Start by following the rules of the road. Cross only at designated intersections, follow traffic signs, and walk on the sidewalk whenever it is available. If no sidewalk is present, walk on the shoulder, facing traffic. It is also suggested that you avoid using electronic devices while walking and that you wear bright or reflective clothing to increase your visibility.

What legal options do pedestrian accident victims have?

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a pedestrian accident, North Carolina law allows you to pursue legal action against the party or parties who caused the accident. You may be able to obtain financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disabiity, and more. To find out what legal recourse you may have, call Schehr Law, PLLC to schedule a consultation with a dedicated Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer.

5 Common Ways Pedestrian Accidents Happen 

Pedestrian accidents are a significant concern worldwide, resulting in injuries and fatalities, as a top-rated Charlotte, NC pedestrian accident lawyer is highly familiar with. Several factors contribute to the occurrence of such accidents, ranging from human behavior to environmental conditions. Understanding these causes can help raise awareness and promote measures to prevent pedestrian accidents and ensure the safety of pedestrians on the road.

  1. Distracted Walking:
    Modern technology like phone apps and wireless earbuds have increased the number of accidents. Pedestrians who are engaged in activities such as texting, talking on the phone, listening to music, or browsing social media while walking are not paying proper attention to their surroundings. This lack of focus can result in pedestrians failing to notice traffic signals, crossing roads without looking, or stepping into the path of oncoming vehicles, leading to accidents.
  2. Distracted Driving:
    Another major cause of pedestrian accidents is distracted driving. Drivers who are distracted by activities such as texting, using navigation systems, adjusting the radio, or attending to passengers can take their eyes off the road and fail to notice pedestrians crossing the road or walking on the side of the road. These often lead to an increase in pedestrian accidents.
  3. Jaywalking:
    Jaywalking, or crossing the road illegally, is a significant cause of pedestrian accidents, as a Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer is familiar with. Pedestrians who cross the road outside of designated crosswalks or ignore traffic signals put themselves at risk of being struck by vehicles. When people decide to jaywalk at night, the chances of a collision with a vehicle occurring are much higher because of the low visibility. 
  4. Speeding and Reckless Driving:
    Some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents are reckless driving. When drivers exceed the speed limit or engage in dangerous driving behaviors such as aggressive driving, tailgating, or ignoring traffic laws, they may not have enough time to react to pedestrians crossing the road or may lose control of their vehicle, resulting in accidents.
  5. Poor Infrastructure and Safety Measures:
    Deficiencies in infrastructure and safety measures can also contribute to pedestrian accidents. With crumbling infrastructure and unsafe areas with unlit streets, being a pedestrian can be difficult due to the limited places to cross. Inadequate pedestrian crossings, lack of pedestrian-friendly features, and limited access to public transportation can force pedestrians to take unsafe routes or risk crossing busy roads, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Sudden pedestrian accidents are caused by a combination of factors, including distracted walking and driving, jaywalking, speeding and reckless driving. Poor infrastructure and safety measures also play a role. Raising awareness about these causes and promoting measures such as public education campaigns, improved infrastructure, stricter enforcement of traffic laws, and pedestrian-friendly urban planning can help prevent pedestrian accidents and promote pedestrian safety. Pedestrians should always be aware of traffic rules, look both ways when crossing streets, and communicate with other drivers to prevent an accident from occurring. By working together, we can create safer roads for pedestrians and reduce the incidence of pedestrian accidents. Learn more about how a Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer like one from Schehr Law, PLLC can help you by arranging a consultation. 

Charlotte, NC Pedestrian Accident Infographic

5 Common Ways Pedestrian Accidents Happen Infographic

What Types Of Injuries Are Associated With Pedestrian Accidents In North Carolina?

Schehr Law, PLLC, is here to provide expert legal representation for individuals who have suffered from pedestrian accidents in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pedestrian accidents can result in severe injuries, and our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers is committed to helping victims recover the compensation they deserve. Some of the types of injuries commonly associated with pedestrian accidents in Charlotte include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): Pedestrians are vulnerable to head injuries, especially if they are struck by a vehicle. TBIs can range from mild concussions to severe brain damage, leading to long-term cognitive, emotional, and physical challenges.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Pedestrians can suffer from spinal cord injuries that may result in partial or complete paralysis. Such injuries can have a life-altering impact on the victim’s mobility and independence.
  • Bone Fractures: The force of impact in pedestrian accidents can cause bone fractures, such as broken arms, legs, ribs, or pelvis. Fractures can be painful and may require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Whiplash, sprains, strains, and other soft tissue injuries are common in pedestrian accidents, often caused by sudden stops or impacts.
  • Internal Organ Damage: The impact of a collision can cause internal injuries to organs, leading to severe complications and requiring immediate medical attention.
  • Lacerations and Abrasions: Pedestrians involved in accidents may suffer cuts, bruises, and road rash from contact with the vehicle or the pavement.
  • Emotional Distress: Being involved in a pedestrian accident can be emotionally traumatizing. Victims may suffer from anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following the incident.
  • Wrongful Death: Tragically, some pedestrian accidents result in fatalities. In such devastating cases, surviving family members may be eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for their losses.

At Schehr Law, PLLC, we understand the challenges that pedestrian accident victims face, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate legal support to those who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones due to the negligence of others. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have a deep understanding of North Carolina’s laws and are committed to fighting for the rights of our clients to secure the maximum compensation possible.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident in Charlotte, North Carolina, don’t hesitate to contact Schehr Law, PLLC. We offer a free initial consultation to assess your case, and we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay unless we win your case. Let us help you seek justice and the compensation you deserve while you focus on your recovery.

Answering Five Frequently Asked Questions About Pedestrian Accident Cases

Our Charlotte, NC pedestrian accident lawyer has represented victims who have experienced pedestrian accidents, cases often resulting from distressing events with far-reaching implications. Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable groups in road accidents, often bearing severe consequences due to negligence, distracted driving, or other types of misconduct from drivers. Understanding the legal processes around pedestrian accident cases is essential to comprehend one’s rights and what can be done in case such an unfortunate event occurs. Our team from Schehr Law, PLLC shares the answers to some of the most common legal questions that pertain to pedestrian accident cases:

What are the primary causes of pedestrian accidents?

There are numerous root causes of pedestrian accidents, but some stand out due to their frequency. Distracted driving, including activities like texting or talking on the phone, is a significant factor in many accidents. Additionally, speeding, drunk driving, and failure to yield at crosswalks contribute substantially. Poor visibility, bad weather, and inadequate infrastructure can also lead to accidents. These incidents often occur because the driver failed to observe proper care and attention.

Who can be held liable in a pedestrian accident?

Liability in pedestrian accidents typically rests with the party found to be at fault or negligent. This is usually the driver of a vehicle; however, it is not always the case. Pedestrians can sometimes be found at fault if they act recklessly or ignore traffic signals. In some instances, a third party, such as a city or state entity, may be held liable for poor road design or maintenance or a car manufacturer if the accident was due to a vehicle defect.

What should one do immediately after a pedestrian accident?

Immediately following a pedestrian accident, our Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer recommends seeking immediate medical attention, regardless of the apparent severity of injuries. Call the police and ensure an accident report is filed. If possible, gather evidence from the scene, including photos and contact details of witnesses. Avoid discussing fault at the scene or with the other party’s insurance company without legal representation.

How does one pursue compensation?

Compensation in pedestrian accident cases is typically pursued through a personal injury lawsuit or an insurance claim. The injured pedestrian will need to prove negligence by the driver or other liable party. Gathering strong evidence such as police reports, medical records, witness testimonies, and expert opinions is crucial in proving negligence. It is highly advisable to consult with a personal injury lawyer who can guide the victim through this complex process.

What types of damages can be recovered?

Victims of pedestrian accidents can recover various types of damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. Non-economic damages can also be awarded for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life. In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded if the defendant’s conduct was reckless or malicious.

Pedestrian accident cases are multifaceted, involving aspects of law, healthcare, and personal rights. Understanding the cause, identifying the liable party, knowing the immediate steps post-accident, pursuing compensation, and being aware of the recoverable damages are all critical areas to be conscious of. These facets underscore the importance of legal advice in ensuring just compensation. No one should have to navigate these intricacies alone, and the best course of action is to consult with a legal professional who can help guide the way. To learn more, schedule a consultation with our Charlotte pedestrian accident lawyer from Schehr Law, PLLC


Not only will I work tirelessly to retrieve a settlement or a win at trial, but I will negotiate with medical providers and insurance companies to reduce your medical bills. Reducing your bills will increase your settlement recovery.

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